Top 4 ways to support a loved one with anxiety

In today’s busy circle of life, it is common to see your loved ones under stress or depressed. Sometimes, you may see them going through a bad phase for a long period of time where they are constantly struggling with anxiety. These are the times, when they may require some love, care and support from your end in order to make them feel valued and respected. Irrespective of the relationship, it is always better to understand their condition and act accordingly as what may be supportive for you may not be for the other person. Firstly, it is imperative to understand what triggers these conditions. This blog will give you top 4 ways through which you can be a support system for your loved one. 

Understand the difference in how anxiety manifests

Because of evolution, different people are wired differently to act and respond to different conditions. For instance, you may find your partner or friend space out or distance them self whenever they are undergoing stressful situations. Instead of talking about it, you may see them act very differently. Hence, it is important to understand their behavior and how their stress and anxiety manifests in order to show your love and support. When you finally understand that anxiety is designed in such a way that individuals put on a mode of threat sensitivity, it becomes rather easier to understand someone when they are scared or stressed about a particular situation. 

Match your support according to their preference and style

It is always best to ask the person what kind of support they would like. While some people like the process of consoling and talking things out, some like to be left alone. Hence, it is better to ask their preference and act accordingly. This communication will also help them realize that you care and are willing to take actions that will get them out of a condition. 

Figure out a pattern

If your loved ones have insights into their anxiety, you could possibly help them spot their patterns and act accordingly. For instance, some of the common reactions to stress and anxiety are irritability, being very fussy, stubborn and picking on little things. Try identifying their pattern and analyze their reactions. This might take some time but nevertheless once you have figured out their stimulants and responses, it becomes a lot easier to handle the situation and calm them down. 

Educate yourself

According to many doctors, researching and identifying the models of anxiety, depression and other mental disorders can help you a lot. Try reading, researching and attending therapy sessions with your loved one. This way you can get clarity on the cognitive and behavioral modes that are expressed by both, your partner as well as a professional helper. All in all, take the initiative to learn and understand more. There could possibly be no greater support than this as your actions will speak better when you have been well-informed on the subject. 

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Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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