Memoryn Loss Treatment in Dubai

Neurofeedback for Memory Improvement

We make numerous memories each day but some memories stay with us for a long time while others don’t seem to stick around. It is because our brains have to assess what memories it has to preserve and what it can do away with. When we are asleep, our brain sorts through all of the memories it made during the day and strengthens the ones that it thinks is important in a process called memory consolidation. This ability of our brains seems to naturally decline with age and other causes. However, you don’t have to accept it as it is. Know more about how neurofeedback for memory training can improve memory recall and enhance information retention.

Did You Know?

16.2% Of the total population is shown to have probable Alzheimer's Disease symptoms
9.7% Of people between 65-74 years old with Alzheimer's Disease symptoms

Common Symptoms

  • Asking the same questions repeatedly
  • Getting lost while driving in a familiar area
  • Difficulty remembering routine things
  • Forgetting names or faces

How to Improve Your Memory With Brain Training

Forgetfulness is a normal part of aging, but we can now train our brain to improve memory and concentration so our brains can stay young even as we age. In your neurofeedback session, all you have to do is watch any audio-visual material of your choice while being seated on a relaxing couch. While you’re enjoying your show, your brain activity is being read by the EEG sensors that we attach to specific points on your scalp. These non-invasive sensors allow you to gain feedback from your brain in real time. Whenever your brain promotes healthy activity, you will be rewarded in the form of better audio and video quality. After a few sessions, this newly learnt healthy brain activity becomes a habit, and you will naturally be able to pay attention and remember better. By the end of your customized brain training program, you will see drastic improvements in your memory, mental clarity and focus.

Don't let brain fog and forgetfulness affect your quality of life. Let us create a neurofeedback training regimen that will help keep the brain sharp and active in the years to come. All you have to do is request a free 15-minute consultation at our clinic in Dubai to begin your journey with us.


The best investment I made in 2020 was to go for this brain training. I used to be less motivated, very distracted with my thoughtsand less eficient. After my sessions here, my life has changed 180 degrees to the better where it helped me reach my peak performance, banish depression, control my emotions and be the best version of myself. I even speak up in meetings more in ways I never did before. Highly highly recommended!

Rawan AlHussein

I first heard about Evolve through my trainer and I thought of giving it a try because I was having issues with anxiety, procrastination and was even struggling to focus and concentrate on my career. After 20 sessions of brain training, I have to say that I feel like a completely new person. I don’t procrastinate any longer, I am more confident, I can see a reduction in my anxiety and I’m able to focus better on my career. I feel that the world just opened for me.

Lucia Sharpe

How It Works

Initial consultation
We will discuss your specific needs and goals during consultation.
Neuropsychosocial assessment
We will do an in-depth assessment to understand your brain’s current strengths and weaknesses
Personalized training plan
Get a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.
Neurofeedback training
We begin your neurofeedback training sessions to help sharpen your brain.
Final assessment
We will repeat the neuropsychosocial assessment to track your progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Neurofeedback Therapy for Memory Loss

How much do neurofeedback sessions cost?


You can find our complete price list here - Price List

Does neurofeedback help with memory?


Here at Evolve Brain Training we do not process insurance claims. We can provide a statement for you to submit to your insurance company.

Will insurance cover neurofeedback?


Clinical evidence suggests neurofeedback can help with memory loss stemming from mild cognitive impairment (the syndrome associated with Alzheimer's disease). In one study, subjects under an EEG-based neurofeedback training protocol showed significant improvements in memory performance. The improvements were likewise noted beyond the training period. Other trials also showed improved attention, working memory and executive function among participants consisting of old and young people who went through neurofeedback training.

How many sessions will I need?


Since neurofeedback involves learning and every person is unique, the type, order and pace of change differs from person to person. You will start experiencing benefits within the first few sessions. But for these effects to last, we recommend a full package of 20 sessions. However, some may require more than 20 sessions.

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