Your personalized training program begins with an in-depth consultation and neuropsychosocial analysis with our certified neurofeedback therapist. During this session, we will establish your personal goals that you wish to achieve from this program. The consultation questionnaire is designed in a way so we can best understand your brain and its current habits. This helps us to create a customized training plan suited to your specific needs.

Brain Mapping and CPT

After your initial consultation, we use quantitative electroencephalogram or QEEG brain mapping and CPT (Continuous Performance Test) to get a further understanding of the current state of your brain. The brain map and CPT give us a general picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your brain at the start of your training program. After completion of your training program, we repeat these tests to track your progress and improvement over time.

Neurofeedback sessions

Our neurofeedback sessions are completely non-invasive and drug free. Neurofeedback training works on the principle of re-wiring your brain's reward system to enable positive and optimal brain function. For example if you've had trouble sleeping due to an abnormal activity in the brain, you could train it to think in a different direction that allows you to have a restful sleep. We use EEG to show your brain its own activity in real time so it can self-regulate abnormal behaviours.

Biofeedback sessions

Similar to neurofeedback, biofeedback uses instruments to provide you with live data of your physiological responses. This allows you to gain control over your physiological activity to improve physical health and performance. Biofeedback is used to train away a host of conditions including hypertension, anxiety and other stress related physiological ailments. This program helps in achieving long term results from chronic conditions that are being trained.
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