No-Medication Insomnia Treatment in Dubai

The lack of good, restorative sleep can give rise to a host of physical, emotional and mental problems like weight gain, anxiety and loss of memory and focus. The quality of your sleep is also associated with your brain’s ability to protect itself from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s as you grow older. 

When you miss sleep, you miss out on the vital processes that happen only when you are in a state of deep rest: The body restoring itself during the first half of your sleep cycle, and your brain repairing itself during the second half. If you are having difficulties with sleep, exploring our non-invasive, science-based insomnia and sleep apnea treatment in Dubai can help. 

Did You Know?

25% Of people suffer from some form of sleep disorder.
30% Of the UAE population experiences insomnia.
22% Of people in the UAE have sleep disorder related to sleep apnea.

Common Symptoms

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Intermittent sleepiness throughout the day
  • Not feeling fresh when you wake up
  • Sleep apnea or snoring
  • Feeling tired through the day

How Does Brain Training Help People With Sleep Disorders?

A key ingredient to overall well-being is good quality sleep. Insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders can make bedtime difficult, but the good news is that we now have the ability to train our brain to sleep well. At Evolve Brain Training, we use EEG sensors to read your brainwave activity and provide your brain with feedback in real time. We’ll ask you to sit on a comfortable couch where we provide your brain with audio-visual cues. Your brain impulses fluctuate based on how you perceive these cues. A positive reward, in the form of an enlarged video screen and louder audio, is delivered every time your brain follows a positive behavior.

Over time, this positive reward turns into habitual behavior, a key element of insomnia treatment, forcing your brain to regulate itself towards staying calm and relaxed to achieve improved sleep quality. By the end of your customized brain training program, you will have a good night’s sleep every night, wake up fresh and feel energetic throughout the day.



It only takes a few sessions to get a good night's sleep every night. Commit to our neurofeedback program in Dubai for insomnia and take the brave step towards reclaiming your much-needed rest. Fill the form below to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Evolve Brain Training.


This was a wonderful and most interesting experience to see how my brain can be influenced to function progressively better with each session and that anxiety can be managed effectively this way. Dr Upasana is great and very knowledgeable and her staff is so supportive and friendly all the time. Thank you team for your continuous help! See you soon.

Anoesjka Myburg

I had alot of problems with sleep. Every night, i would maybe get only a couple hours of sleep and would get awakened with the tiniest of disturbances. Evolve has honestly made my life so much better. Not only can I sleep, but I have also managed to lose weight which I wasn’t able to do before. My ability to handle my stress and anxiety is also much better. I recommend Evolve to anyone who is serious about making a positive change in their life.

Atheeqe Ansari

How It Works

Initial consultation
We will discuss your specific needs and goals during consultation.
Neuropsychosocial assessment
We will do an in-depth assessment to understand your brain’s current strengths and weaknesses
Personalized training plan
Get a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.
Neurofeedback training
We begin your neurofeedback training sessions to help sharpen your brain.
Final assessment
We will repeat the neuropsychosocial assessment to track your progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does neurofeedback work for insomnia?


Neurofeedback is fast-becoming the preferred non-medicated insomnia treatment option with long-lasting effects. Research and evidence-based practice has demonstrated that neurofeedback can decrease the time it takes to fall asleep, increase sleep spindle density (Arns M, Feddema I, Kenemans JL., 2014) and increase total sleep time, and that training the brain using neurofeedback results in long-term improvement in sleep quality.

How much do neurofeedback sessions cost?


You can find our complete price list here - Price List

Will insurance cover neurofeedback?


Here at Evolve Brain Training we do not process insurance claims. We can provide a statement for you to submit to your insurance company.

How many sessions will I need?


Since neurofeedback involves learning and every person is unique, the type, order and pace of change differs from person to person. You will start experiencing benefits within the first few sessions. But for these effects to last, we recommend a full package of 20 sessions. However, some may require more than 20 sessions.

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