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Our evidence-backed, non-invasive approach to brain training has led to transformational changes in the lives of our clients — from individuals to parents to entrepreneurs to whole families and entire organisations. Their stories inspire us to continue our work in advancing mental healthcare through neurofeedback therapy in Dubai and beyond.

Evolve Brain Training Reviews


I highly recommend Evolve for anyone dealing with a stressful job. After only a few sessions, I was able to manage my stress much better and remain calm in difficult situations. I feel that the sessions help me get in the zone and come up with creative solutions at work.

Ritesh S Ramakrishnan
MD, Transworld Group

As an entrepreneur, I juggle many different roles. Training my brain with Evolve has helped me manage my time better and to stay on top of all my projects. Also, my memory has become sharp which is very important for me as a public speaker and makes me more confident on stage.

Andreea Zoia
Public Speaker/Coach

How to achieve peak mental performance

Nino Barbu, a fitness expert working in Dubai, shares why he is happy with the results he is getting from Evolve Brain Training to alleviate anxiety, improve his focus and strengthen mental performance.

Anxiety treatment in Dubai

In this video, another client shares how neurofeedback training helped transformed her worldview and mode of thinking — from negative to a positive, more confident perspective.

How to beat exam anxiety

Through brain training in Dubai, a 12-year-old student learned how to effectively combat exam anxiety. Within just one month of neurofeedback therapy, he was also able to enjoy improved focus, better sleep and a more relaxed mindset.

How to train your brain to make better decisions

Low motivation, unfinished tasks and being prone to distractions drove this young working woman to try brain training. Listen to her story of how she was able to regain her focus and elevate her productivity with the help of neurofeedback therapy.

How to get things done when you're feeling depressed

It’s hard to stay productive when you’re feeling down and out. Within the first 20 sessions of neurofeedback brain training, this client went from depressed and anxious to finally getting the motivation to accomplish his goals.

Medicine-free stress management

How to relieve stress and anger naturally without medication? Opting for neurofeedback as a form of stress management in Dubai, this busy doctor was able to improve her work-life balance and enjoy a sense of calm and focus.

Medicine Free migraine treatment

Frequently recurring migraines can significantly lower your quality of life. In this video, a young professional shares the story of how she was able to break free from this cycle of pain through neurofeedback tailored to cure migraines.

Controlling anxious thoughts

With brain training being a fairly new approach, this client was reluctant to try it at first. After a few sessions, he was able to experience how neurofeedback can be a powerful way to stop anxieties and fears from controlling his daily life.

How to improve focus at work

Mindfulness is another benefit that brain training can bring. Within the first 20 sessions, our client Ritesh has reported a remarkable spike in his level of concentration, bringing about significant improvement in his performance at work and personal life.

How to boost your memory with brain training

Memory loss can weigh heavily on one’s mood and confidence. With the help of neurofeedback, this client was able to improve her memory, which smoothened out her personal relationships and made her feel happier and more energised.

Helping a child with ADHD improve her focus

Children with ADHD may experience low motivation, sleeping problems and difficulty concentrating. After 20 sessions of brain training, this young girl’s test results showed that she can now focus 120% better than kids her age.

Anger management through neurofeedback

Neurofeedback therapy is increasingly being used as a tool to help individuals regulate their emotions. In the case of this client, positive feedback from friends and family attests to the results she is getting from neurofeedback sessions to treat anger management issues.

A medicine-free way to overcome depression

Can one really overcome extreme, chronic depression without medication? In the case of this young woman who was able to stop the cycle of negative overthinking every day, the results of neurofeedback therapy as a depression treatment can be best called “magical.”

How to stop negative thoughts

Unwanted, intrusive anxious thoughts can affect one’s focus, concentration and overall mood day after day. With the help of brain training to treat anxiety, this client was able to achieve a feeling of calm and a sense of control over his thoughts and his life.

Gain confidence with neurofeedback brain training

In today’s always on, on-the-go world, knowing how to navigate through frenetic moments is crucial to avoid stress. This client tells the story of how neurofeedback empowered her by helping her gain more confidence, focus and good mood even during the busiest days.

Client Stories Section

Evolve has helped my son a lot! I can see the improvements in my son. He sleeps well, his anxiety is not like before, his has decreased, and his focus has also improved a lot. I really recommend this. Thank you so much Evolve.

Diba Zwager


As an Air Traffic Controller, my job requires the highest levels of concentration, presence of mind & split second decision making ability. Over a period of time, the stress started affecting my job performance. After my sessions, my distractability has reduced hugely! I’m so much more accurate at work and better able to cope with stress at work.

Abdulaziz Al Balooshi

MD, Bridges & Allies

I never believed that I would be in a position to experience panic attacks, anxiety and depression, with ever increasing self doubt. A long way away from what I was before. Evolve Brain Training has been an absolute life saver. I cannot express the difference I feel and behave, I am normal again. Thank you Evolve Brain Training.

Craig Wright

My stress and anxiety was getting the best out of me. I was losing hair and wasn’t able to step out of the house either. I was also going through a divorce, which added to the stress. Evolve changed my life. I am now a much calmer and happier person. Thank you Evolve!


When I first came to Evolve, I was going through some stress at home and work. I am generally a calm person, but lately little things would make me edgy. During PMS, these symptoms would flare up even more. After 20 sessions, my mood is so much better. I also noticed a huge spike in my creativity and focus. I was able to design and put out my entire digital course and beat my own deadline as I was so “in the zone”. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to achieve more from their life while being centered and happy!

Uma Ghosh

I had some problems in school and college which were affecting me a lot. I ended up taking out my frustration on friends and family. My anger was negatively impacting my relationship with the people closest to me. When I realized this, I had to do something. After trying Neurofeedback at Evolve, I am able to control my anger and emotions much better despite the problems still being there. I am much calmer now and anger is no longer an issue for me.

Hassan Suliman

I have completed 20 sessions at Evolve and I'm amazed! I am a happy person now with a full potential brain. I suffered from extreme depression and anxiety for years which prompted me to try the sessions with Dr Upasana. She helped me cope up with my constant overthinking, sadness, lack of motivation in achieving short and long term goals. I feel more energetic, motivated and confident now. I'm so happy with the results. Thanks to Dr. Upasana and her team!

Rabia Khalid

I was going through a divorce and that's when my depression started. It came with many other symptoms like anxiety, stress and insomnia. After my 20 sessions, i felt like a new person. I am now much calmer and feel much more positive. Earlier, I wouldn't even be able to get out of the house. I plan on continuing my sessions at Evolve as it has benefitted me alot.


Evolve has a wonderful team of people who care and listen carefully to your needs. Dr.Upasana is highly professional and takes note of every detail. Every session is tailored to suit your requirements. My son who had mild development delays is now more confident and is able to sustain more meaningful conversations with others. He is now more aware about his own emotions and is beginning to handle them better. Sincerely thank to the whole team.


I had brought in my son for some developmental delays. After his treatment at Evolve Brain Training, his hyperactivity levels have decreased and he is now able to sit still for much longer periods, be it for eating food or studying. Evolve changed my son’s life. Thank you so much.


The best investment I made in 2020 was to go for this brain training. I used to be less motivated, very distracted with my thoughtsand less eficient. After my sessions here, my life has changed 180 degrees to the better where it helped me reach my peak performance, banish depression, control my emotions and be the best version of myself. I even speak up in meetings more in ways I never did before. Highly highly recommended!

Rawan ALHussein

I first heard about Evolve through my trainer and I thought of giving it a try because I was having issues with anxiety, procrastination and was even struggling to focus and concentrate on my career. After 20 sessions of brain training, I have to say that I feel like a completely new person. I don't procrastinate any longer, I am more confident, I can see a reduction in my anxiety and I'm able to focus better on my career. I feel that the world just opened for me.

Lucia Sharpe

I had constant stress migraines. They were a really worry because everytime I would have to be at my best and perform, the migraine would get triggered. After my sessions at Evolve Brain training, I can handle stress in a much better way and the migraines have disappeared. Thank you so much Dr. Upasana and team.


I would get muscle tension migraines every morning when I would wake up. My neck and jaw would always be tensed, and thats what caused my migraines. After my sessions at Evolve, I have seen a 90% reduction in pain. I hardly ever wake up with that debilitating pain. Evolve has changed my life.


I have had fantastic results after 20 sessions with Evolve. They customized nuerofeedback sessions that helped me increase my focus and good mood. I started the sessions when I was at a low point and as a result of the training I felt more empowered to navigate through those moments. I recommend this to anyone who experiences fatigue, stress, lack of motivation or heartache. It’s non invasive and a high return on your investment.

Andreea Zoia

Brain Training sessions with Evolve have improved my focus greatly. I have enhanced my emotional as well as business resilience. Now, I am able to mentally take a step backwards from various challenges at work and view them with a much calmer and more productive mind set. This means I am also better able to handle stressful situations.

Zoheb Khan

This was a wonderful and most interesting experience to see how my brain can be influenced to function progressively better with each session and that anxiety can be managed effectively this way. Dr Upasana is great and very knowledgeable and her staff is so supportive and friendly all the time. Thank you team for your continuous help! See you soon.

Anoesjka Myburg

I had alot of problems with sleep. Every night, i would maybe get only a couple hours of sleep and would get awakened with the tiniest of disturbances. Evolve has honestly made my life so much better. Not only can I sleep, but I have also managed to lose weight which I wasn't able to do before. My ability to handle my stress and anxiety is also much better. I recommend Evolve to anyone who is serious about making a positive change in their life.

Atheeqe Ansari

I had been suffering from IBS for the past 2 years. A condition that is directly linked to stress and anxiety was going from bad to worse inspite of taking medicine. I visited a lot of doctors to identify a cure for my situation, however, it was not until I met Dr. Upasana and her team of therapists that I was able to see permanent and marked improvement in my health situation. I am extremely thankful to the team.

Jane Kumar

Great place with great service. The product/service offered at this facility is very helpful and can definitely make a change in your life. Money well spent, would recommend it to anyone who is seeking assistance with what the facility specializes in.

Edwin Mintah

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