5 tips to make staying at home more fun and interesting

#StayHome is one of the recent global campaign activated by nations of the world to fight COVID19. With almost all countries having kids participate in e-learning activities and offices having employees practicing #Workfromhome, families are now spending more time than ever together. Citizens worldwide are experiencing a fear to step out and are left with having to stay at home more than usual with changed routines, teachers and co-workers. In an ideal world kids would be excited to skip school but not at the moment when almost everything in the outside world has come to a standstill. For those of thinking Netflix is one of the potions, think again- binge-watching Netflix could be making you tired. This blog is going to take you through the things you can do to make time at home fun, interesting and worthwhile.

Involve kids in household chores

Since kids are spending a lot of time indoors, it will be a good time to get them used to participating in household chores. Preparing a salad or set up the table for dinner, laundering or dusting. Kids ideally love to learn new things. This could be an interesting opportunity to get some help and boost the morale of the kids with added responsibility. You can reward them for every task well completed. 

Try new hobbies

Is there a new hobby or project that you have been meaning to start, but haven’t? Maybe it’s practicing yoga, learning to cook a particular cuisine, writing your first book. Whatever your passion, it’s easy to get distracted or busy dealing with life’s responsibilities, but our interests and passions are an important part of who we are. They’re worth exploring to the fullest. And what better time than now. 

De-clutter your mind and home

If you haven’t found the time all these years to clear up your mind and house, now is the time. Set aside some time to de-cluttering your living spaces. Cluttering your living space also contributes to clogging up your mind. This kind of chaos will only make you nervous and more stressful, so take a garbage bin and start sorting through that pile of junk. Create some breathing room and enjoy every bit of it while your space is clutter-free and your mind clear. 

Host a Virtual Party

Yes, you read it right. You can still party, but virtually. Apps like Houseparty, Discord, Zoom, and Marco Polo have come to light in these unprecedented times. These apps allow spontaneous gatherings and is replicating social life for millions stuck indoors.

Plan a picnic without leaving your couch

In this link you can experience virtual tours in around the world, so learning and experiencing are never off the table.  Experience the best museums from London to Seoul in the comfort of your own home. This can be your way to get a little culture and education while you’re confined to your home. 

This is not it. Keep following our blogs to understand all the fun ways that will assist you come out of these isolation times happy and sane.  You can discuss more in depth best ways to brain training in Dubai as you see progressive results. Do contact us at +971 4 589 6983.

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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