Staying focused in the digital world.

Modern world is highly technological and digital world where attention span is getting shorter as time passes. ADHD is growing at a staggering rate. Today’s generation of people check their smartphones the first thing in the morning and also they do the same last thing before hitting the bed too. This style of “notification life” is disabling us from real life.It’s high time for each of us to learn how to stay focused. And that’s what this article is about.

Staying focused in the digital world:

Following are some of the steps on how you stay focused in the digital world:

      • Turn off notifications: Turn of that notification sounds for almost 75-80% of unimportant people. Just unmute the essential people. Moreover, increase the time gap to check your smartphone. For e.g., You can work an hour and check all the messages for the next five minutes or so before you can start working again.
      • Meditate: Meditation can do wonders and its a fact. It reduces stress, anxiety, the fear of being left out, and every other negative emotion. This helps in building a strong & focused mind and keeps one in harmony.
      • Do not multitask: The only thing that keeps you from being focused is multitasking. One minute you are writing an important mail and the other minute you are playing PUBG. Stop doing that! Be Disciplined! Do one thing at a time.
      • Make a habit: Having habits that parts you from the digital world are an excellent way to build focus. Start reading books. Play football, maybe. Sit with friends. Participate in debates. In short, develop a habit!
      • Take brain training: While meditation and exercise are a sort of brain exercise, one can consult specialist brain training centres to prevent ADHD, memory loss, or any other sort of memory/focus difficulties. These training are scientifically-backed, non-invasive, and expertly practiced training. In here, brain signals are tracked using Electroencephalography(or EEG), based on which one can improve their focus in this digital world!

All in all, staying focused on the digital world is as easy as staying distracted. It’s you who choose the former or the latter. Need our guidance? Eat healthy, exercise, meditate, build a habit, or simply take a brain training session. That’s it– you got your focus back.

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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