3 Tried and Tested Manifestation Techniques You Need to Try Today

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First, the million-dollar question: Is there a scientific basis to manifestation? We understand if this is the first thing you want to know. The book “The Secret,” which is the face of manifestation, probably does not inspire much confidence in the science behind the process.

According to this book and pretty much all other self-help books that discuss how to manifest, positive thinking is the key to attracting things like success, wealth, peak performance, and other things you might desire. They posit that positive energy attracts positive things, while negative energy attracts negative things. Therefore, if you want something good to happen, think positive.

And here you are probably thinking, “If only it were that simple.” So, what is manifestation, and does it really work?

What Is Manifestation?

In the context of the self-help literature referenced above, manifestation refers to willing an aspiration to come true just by thinking it will come true. Do you want to become a team manager? You can manifest it — i.e., will it to happen — by believing with all your heart and mind that it will happen.

This is where the connection between manifestation and science becomes rather tenuous. In manifestation literature, you just have to believe with all positivity that your aspiration will come true for it to happen.

What the Science Says

Thinking positive thoughts can definitely help a person realize (i.e., manifest) his aspirations. However, that’s not all there is to it.

When you believe something will happen, this expectation will affect your behavior in a way that will make the event more likely to occur. You can think of it as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The self-fulfilling prophecy is much easier to understand in the context of labels. If someone tells you you’re kind when you’re not, you may internalize and fulfill that “prophecy.” In other words, your behavior may change accordingly until you have, in fact, become kind.

Likewise, if someone tells you you will cause problems, you may internalize and fulfill that, too. In the end, you may actually cause trouble.

The self-fulfilling prophecy is often used to illustrate how other people’s opinions of us can significantly impact our lives. However, it can work even on self-imposed projections.

Therefore, if you expect something of yourself, that can influence how you behave so that you will end up fulfilling your expectation. From this point of view, believing with all your heart and mind that your aspiration will come true can powerfully influence your behavior so that what you expect will manifest.

Therefore, manifestation methods can work and help you achieve your dreams. Instead of positive thoughts attracting positive energies, however, it’s the changes in your behavior (in response to your wholehearted belief in your aspiration) that will help you accomplish your end goal.

It’s akin to saying that if you believe you will become an Olympic gold medalist, you will tend to train longer hours, work much harder, and avoid things that may harm your chances. Thus, your belief changes your behavior, and the changes in your behavior are what make your aspiration possible.

In other words, there’s a clear link between what you believe and your behavior, and it’s the subsequent behavioral changes that cause manifestation to work. What can you do, therefore, to help you successfully manifest your aspirations?

Effective Manifestation Techniques

The following manifestation techniques will strengthen your belief in your aspiration. The stronger your desire, the more it should influence your behavior, and the more likely you will realize your expectation.

1. Visualization

Manifestation requires an unwavering belief in your aspiration. To this end, you can visualize the result you want.

In simple terms, this is imagining yourself living your dream. If your ambition is to become an Olympic gold medalist, visualization means experiencing with your mind’s eye what life as an Olympic gold medalist is like. Thus, you will imagine yourself on the podium, grinning from ear to ear, blinded by the glare of the cameras, and unable to say anything.

You shouldn’t just use only your sense of sight, but all your senses instead (multi-sensory visualization). You will feel the wetness of tears and experience their salty taste as they run down your face unbidden. You will hear the explosive pop of the cork and experience the bubbles tickling your nose when you drink your celebratory glass of Champagne. Reporters will clamor for your attention, and you will hear the audience’s thunderous applause when the host calls your name. You will also feel the firm grip of the silver-medal winner’s hand and the forceful tap from your coach when they congratulate you on your win.

You should also visualize how your life will change after the momentous event. Imagine walking into your dream house, one you can finally afford because of your prize money. Do you see a sauna room, a heated pool, and a personal gym? Can you also see yourself being hailed on the streets and asked for your autograph by strangers?

Aside from living the experience in your mind, you should also try to experience being an outsider looking at yourself who has achieved your goal. In this multi-perspective visualization exercise, which is one of the best manifestation techniques for beginners, you will take the role of a spectator, watching yourself closely as you live the joyous experience.

2. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you manifest in two ways.

First, this powerful manifestation technique can help you in your visualization exercises. Your therapist can put you under a hypnotic trance and guide you through and help you “experience” what life will be like after you have achieved your dream. You can effectively suspend disbelief while you’re under hypnosis, and your visualization can be that much more absorbing.

Second, your hypnotherapist can also suggest the behavioral changes you must make to achieve your dream. So, aside from helping you effectively visualize your goal, hypnotherapy can also be instrumental in adjusting your behavior, so it’s consistent with your desired result. It might even help you learn how to manifest something in a week.

3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is a type of talk therapy (psychotherapy). Through sessions with a psychotherapist, you can identify and recognize any harmful or inaccurate perspectives and behaviors that might be causing your problems or holding you back from achieving your goal.

Therefore, cognitive behavioral therapy can uncover problematic perceptions, thought patterns, and behaviors that may be stumbling blocks to realizing your aspirations. You and your therapist can also develop a strategy to overcome them. Ultimately, CBT can make acting on and thus manifesting your aspirations easier to accomplish. It is one of the manifestation methods that works fast.

Manifestation Is Belief Plus Action

Yes, you can manifest your dreams, goals, and ambitions. However, manifestation does not work simply by believing something will happen. It requires that a subsequent change in behavior consistent with the aspiration should also occur.

To succeed, you must visualize what you want to happen. And to get better visualization, you can use hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy can also help you learn the perspectives and behaviors you need to succeed.

Evolve Brain Training offers both hypnotherapy and CBT in Dubai. If you need help manifesting your aspirations, talk to us today.

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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