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All of us are prone to be forgetful from time to time. This has become very common especially with our busy lifestyle. While it is nothing too much to worry about, having a poor memory can be frustrating especially when these occurrences are on a frequent basis. Genetics play a pivotal role in some serious neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. At the same, diet, sleep patterns, and lifestyle also are some factors that can contribute to these illnesses.Generally, a strong memory is characterized by the health and activity of one’s brain. Whether it is a working professional or a student taking his exams, there are a lot of ways by which one can sharpen their memory and improve their mental performance. However, not many take the time and interest which gradually leads to a decrease in brain activity and eventual memory loss.

Medical experts in the UAE believe that by 2030, the risks of Alzheimer’s will increase by 600%. Internationally, only one percent of people over the age of 60 have Alzheimer’s. However, the risks will only double in every five years. This suggests that 50% of the people over the age of 90 are Alzheimer’s sufferers. Some of the major symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia include:

  •         Difficulty in completing simple or familiar tasks
  •         Difficulty in finding locations and keeping track of time
  •         Partial vision loss
  •         Stammering
  •         Feeling lost at social or common events
  •         Feeling moody

Hence, it is crucial to harness and nurture your brain functionalities by these simple yet effective tips and tricks!

Keep focus

People so often indulge in multitasking that they fail to pay attention to the one task at hand. This is because your brain needs time and focus to encode the information and assimilate it properly. If you think you may have slight memory issues, try focusing on one task at a time.

Use all five senses – hear, smell, touch, see, and speak

It is scientifically proven that the more senses you involve in your daily activities, the faster your brain will be able to encode the message, hence sharpening your memory. For instance, you might be facing trouble recollecting the memory of meeting someone for the first time. In such cases, next time, look into their eyes while introducing yourself and repeat their name. In this way, you have included three out of five senses.

Chunk it

Many people have trouble remembering mobile or telephone numbers. If you are one of them, not to worry! Instead of seeing it as a 10-digit number, try breaking it down into three pieces of information – 3-digit code, 3-digit prefix and 4-digit number. In fact, this could be applied potentially to any piece of information.

At our holistic clinic in Dubai, we provide our clients with effective sessions that will help your brain identify its negative patterns and break them. We undertake neurofeedback sessions along with the latest technologically oriented brain training techniques for a newer and sharper you. For more details feel free to contact – +971 04 589 6983.

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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