Learning Disability – Don’t make it a hurdle for life

Learning disability is a term that is widely used to address problems with regards to learning. Often it is misunderstood with kids being lazy or dumb and solutions are sought after continually to motivate or uplift the child. If you look at the broader term, kids with learning disabilities are just as smart as everyone but only seek a different method to process the data input and output.

In easy words, children and adults with learning disabilities have different sensory reaction to different scenarios which leads to difficulty with grasping new skills and practically applying them. Most commonly a learning disability is evident in the theoretical areas such as reading, math, writing, reasoning, listening and speaking.

Is this a lifelong problem, you may ask? Those suffering from a learning disability witness a dead-end and view it as a hurdle for a lifetime. Research suggests otherwise. Children and adults with learning disabilities can, and do, succeed.

In order to treat learning orders, it is imperative to first identify it and know of the signs. Experts at Evolve Brain Training one of the pioneering Learning Disabilities Centers in Dubai recommend that early intervention is essential as the problem can snowball eventually.  Prior to drawing any conclusions, a thorough test should be conducted to rule out any vision, hearing problems or other medical conditions.

Practitioners suggest:

Get Extra help: A tutor, parent or trained professional can teach the child creative techniques that improve his/her academical performance.

Classroom accommodations: Schools can be accommodative towards the ability of the child and offer some concession in terms of granting more time to complete exams, increased professor attention, fewer questions or simply by providing audiobooks to supplement reading.

Therapy: Therapy has proved to be a boon for some children specially developing motor skills for those suffering from writing problems. A speech-language therapist can help address language skills.

Medication: The child’s doctor could recommend medication to manage depression or anxiety.

Additional research is needed to determine the effectiveness of alternative treatments such as dietary changes, use of vitamins, eye exercises, neurofeedback and use of technological devices.  Learning Disability cannot be coined as a lifelong liability. A recent health study concludes that 67 percent of young students who were at risk for reading difficulties became average or above average readers after receiving help in the early grades. Science has made great strides in understanding the inner workings of the brain, and one important discovery that brings new hope for learning disabilities and disorders is called Neurofeedback. You can discuss more in depth on how neurofeedback and brain training in Dubai can see progressive results do contact us at +971 4 589 6983.

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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