Why should employers invest in brain training?

The modern workplace is no longer limited to a physical setup. With remote working and technology on smartphones and cloud-based computing, work travels around the comfort of the individual.  All this along with many other elements, affect our lives and the way our brain functions. Employers are looking at investing in numerous technology tools and digital aspects in order to improve efficiency, productivity and employee engagement. However, research has shown that more investment should be made in people’s physical and mental well-being. In the recent years, brain training has proven to have a signification impact on employees. Gone are the days when corporations were only focused on enhancing business gains. Today, we see companies giving equal importance to the engagement and happiness quotient of an employee as well. And employee happiness has a strong positive co-relation with a company’s success. This blog will widely enunciate the benefits of incorporating brain training sessions in companies. 


Accept new changes 

As an employee, you would notice that over the years, with the aid of technology your company would have come up with new systems that were enforced to create an approachable and efficient way to complete your tasks. For instance, maybe your employer decided to add a new email system! Here, you would notice that you might be slightly slower than usual in completing tasks as you are accustomed to the previous set up. You are bound to make mistakes in the process of adapting to the new system. In situations like these, brain training helps the brain to be more adaptable and flexible. This results in employees being more open and better able to cope with new tasks. Also, time taken to perform certain tasks is reduced, adding to employee efficiency and productivity.


Gains in cognitive abilities through brain training exercises

The challenge of cognitive aging has made brain scientists develop brain exercises that can improve many abilities including memory, attention, and time management. In fact, scientists claim that adhering to a standard brain exercise pattern can help in maintaining a good and a positive mood. Studies have revealed that certain brain chemicals associated with attention and mood can be significantly elevated through certified brain training. Brain training trains the cognitive skills the brain uses to think and learn.


Improve accuracy at work

Many professions including accountancy, medical, and many others require employees to make zero error as this can lead to be expensive or even fatal in some cases. However, as humans, everyone tends to make mistakes. Although we cannot totally eliminate this, we can certainly control it. According to a research, 43 power line workers were trained for 90 minutes every week for a total of 8 weeks. The group saw a significant improvement in their accuracy errors and were also commended for their sustained attention to respond to risk assessment. 


Enhances speed of the activity

Doctors indicate that small amounts of brain training can show a huge impact on an employee’s workplace performance both individually as well as a team player. In a research conducted for Law Enforcement officers who are responsible for taking split-second decisions, officers were asked for undergo 30 minutes of brain training per day for a course of 4 weeks. Great progress was witnessed with regards to their attention to detail, visual speed and inhibition to control exercise improved to a great level.


Companies aiming to keep their employees engaged and happy need to consider brain training programs to ensure the environment created is happy, healthy and productive. These actions will certainly result in better focus, blocking out distractions, faster thinking and recall vital information for continued success.  


We at Evolve Brain Training provide brain training therapy for corporations and individuals who are looking to sharpen their memory, improve concentration that will directly reflect on their performance. If you are looking for something similar, feel free to contact us today! 

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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