Brain Training – The most effective solution for memory loss

Is it possible for your brain to stay healthy and be rejuvenated by just attempting to do things that challenge your mind? Could these tasks possibly prevent memory loss and neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s? While research is still ongoing, a number of studies reveal that training your brain can significantly reduce your chances of suffering from age-related memory loss and other memory-related conditions. This blog will give you all the information you need with respect to brain training and exercises you can do to keep your mind young and sharp even as your body ages.  

Medical studies prove that when people keep their minds more active, their cognitive skills are less likely to decline. This is why doctors encourage people to indulge in brain training activities such as games, puzzles, and other diverse memory-driven tasks. One study showed that among the 2,800 people above the age of 65 who were asked to participate in 10-hour long brain training for five to six weeks, 60% could notice a significant change in their memory. The overall program dealt with improving skills of memory, reasoning, and speed of processing information. In fact, these improvements lasted for at least 5 years after the program ended. Compared to their peers, these individuals showed improved abilities to do their everyday tasks like managing money and other household chores more efficiently. 

While on the topic of improving memory, it is equally pivotal to be aware of the aspects that can raise the likelihood of being victims of dementia and other memory-related problems. Consuming numerous medical prescriptions for a long period of time and being overly reliant on them can increase the chances of memory loss. Some of these including antidepressants, antihistamines, anti-anxiety medications, muscle-relaxants, tranquilizers, sleeping pills and other pain-killers. Other inducing substances such as alcohol, tobacco and frequent drug use can also be causes of memory loss. 

What kind of brain exercises should one indulge in?

While this may vary from person to person, the main idea of these exercises is to keep your brain active and challenged. You could start something with as simple as eating with your non-dominant hand. So, for instance, if your dominant hand is the right, try using your left hand. This way, your brain will be more active as it will activate new pathways in the brain to do something that you are not used to doing. 

Other brain-boosting tasks you could do:

  • Take the initiative to learn something new. This could be a new language, sport etc.
  • Get-together with your friends and family for a game night. Enhancing your social connections in this manner can help in keeping your brain active.
  • Sign up for local education class that requires one to read, write, and participate in new activities and tasks.
  • Work on crossword, number puzzles, brainteasers, etc.

Our Evolve Brain Training Center also specializes in helping people improve their memory and brain capacity by tapping into the brain’s own power to self-regulate. For more information, sign up the contact form now and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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