How to search for the best clinic pertaining to brain training

In many health clinics, brain training is often advertised as a mode of treatment that will prevent age-related cognitive decline. A diverse range of products are also available for purchase. But, how effective are they? In 2019, there was a review conducted by Clinical Intervention studies that investigated commercial and computerized brain training services/products which led to the discovery of the key essentials one should keep in mind before signing up with a clinic. It is important for training centers to match the efficacy to be supported with evidence in order to meet the highest standards. This blog will describe the criteria to keep in mind before while shortlisting your clinic.

Pick a center that is transparent with evidence

To determine if a specific brain training center is effective, request for evidence of their past work. It is always easier when centers are backed up with scientific explanation or evidence especially to the treatments they are recommending. If they are promoting a method that will improve your memory, ask questions on the how, why, and when and what. It is essential to quantify every method and understand the principle behind the design of their methodologies.

As per a research, that surveyed 18 computer-based brain training programs, it was identified that less than 40% of them come with evidence. The rest 60 rely on marketing and other sales tools to attract new clients. This should certainly not be the case when you are approaching a clinic.

Criteria for identifying an effective program

Brain training centers features diverse methods of treating clients that particular attempt targeting the cognitive domains including memory, reasoning, executive functions and the speed of processing information. Some of the features to look into before deciding on a program must include the below:

  • Does the program have a specific purpose – for instance what does it target? Is it brain ageing, learning, concentration or rehabilitation?
  • Is the method scientifically validated?
  • How adaptive and engaging can they be?
  • What are the specific features of the program (audio/video)?
  • How does the program provide feedback to your progress?

Considering the above pointers can be very beneficial in zeroing down your choice based on the type of program and evidence.

Find an informative and research-oriented clinic 

In the above research program, amongst the 18 brain training programs, it was revealed that very few of them had empirical information that could be found on their website. It is advisable to look out for links to specific studies that promotes their method of brain training. It has identified that not many programs have engaging information that allows readers to grasp the scientific knowledge behind the design, purpose and result of the treatment. The website must be well-informed in at least describe their methodologies through the aid of engaging videos and other multimedia content.

If you are looking out for something similar to the above points, Evolve Brain Training could be the right choice! Experts at our center provide effective solutions that are backed up with scientific research and information. For more details and specifics on the treatments, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you shortly!

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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