ADHD parenting tips

Raising kids with ADHD comes with its own challenges for parents as its symptoms begin as early as 3 years of age. ADHD diagnosis includes these characteristics- predominantly inattentive ADHD, predominantly hyperactive/impulsive ADHD, and combined ADHD.

While kids with ADHD can still learn what is acceptable and what is not, their disorder tends to represent an impulsive behavior. It is important for parents to accept the fact that kids with ADHD have functionally different brains from those of other children and should not feel embarrassed of their child’s behavior.

As a parent, they need to understand their child’s emotional and physical health too. Since ADHD sometimes runs in the family, genes may also play an important role. Nurture is just as important as nature as parent’s behavior also deeply influences the symptoms of the child’s disorder.

Enclosed are some tips which will help parents learn how to manage their children’s behavior and cope with challenges that may come with the same:

Be clear and consistent

It is important to entrust your child as this will help them to adapt & succeed faster. Parents who set consistent behavioral limits, use reward and consequence behavior tools, and provide a clear set of expectations can help reduce ADHD symptoms.

Encourage outdoor activity

Outdoor activity like walking, swimming, playing sports burns excess energy in healthy ways and decreases risk of anxiety. As a matter of fact, many professional athletes Michael Phelps, Terry Bradshaw & Pete Rose have ADHD.

Draw up a timetable

Establish a proper routine for your kid and follow it every day, these could include- sleep timings, play timings, and even meal timings. Good quality sleep is very important for ADHD kids so they can get the proper rest. To ensure good sleeping habits eliminate stimulants like colas, sugar and caffeine, and cut down television / video game time at night.

Keep calm

Every child is different. Some kids need more attention and need someone who is listening to them. Pick up on small things which make them happy and focused. This will build a sense of love and security allowing them to feel calm as well.

Make school & home environment friendly

Talk to their teachers & baby-sitters to help and identify problems and tackle them carefully. This decreases the impact of the condition on your child’s life. Meet often with your kid’s teachers to keep track of their progress.

Seek help

An ADHD therapist can help with parental pressure in addition to a child’s behaviors. Inputs from other parents in a similar situation can be very useful.

Don’t set strict rules

If you’d like to keep an eye on your child, play or study with them like a friend. Strict rules & unrealistic deadlines won’t work in this case nor yelling and punishment

At Evolve Brain Training, we help you with ADHD treatments in Dubai using Neurofeedback, which is biofeedback for the brain. We simply measure brain activity using sensors and special software and relay that information back to the brain in real time via audio and video display. This information about its own activity helps the brain to adjust itself for better performance. It can be a useful tool for anyone looking to maximize their brain’s potential and their performance and sharpens the memory of children dealing with ADHD.

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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