Seven easy to follow tips to make working from home a productive affair

Millions of people are working from home for the first time globally, as the world tackles Covid-19. As many enterprises suddenly have to support an entirely remote workforce, this blog will briefly cover basic steps you can take to ensure you are staying focused and productive as you adopt to working remotely.  

Globally there have been some mixed reactions to this changing corporate culture. Some complain of intrusive bosses, some are distracted by family members or find it difficult to focus, while others are embracing the experience and enjoying improved productivity.  

Benefits and Challenges of Working from Home


  1. No distractions of the workplace- phone calls, meetings and interruptions from colleagues are easily avoided
  2. Flexibility of space and time, you can easily get used to an environment to match your preferences and needs resulting in boosting your morale.


  1. Distractions from family members, neighbors or pets
  2. You may struggle to be productive when you’re unsupervised.
  3. Working from home can create an “always on” mind-set, causing people to work too long and too hard.

How can you create an environment to be productive, remain focused and not harm your productivity?

Follow a set routine

It is very important to have a set routine and follow it closely to a work day schedule. Having an end time helps maintaining the right balance and won’t get you to overwork. A set start time will help reduce procrastination and set the right tone and structure for the day.

Motivate yourself

In an environment where you are alone, you have to self-motivate. Thinking positive and setting goals is a definite winner while working from home.  Prepare a simple to-do list, which will keep you organized, motivated and productive as you start to work from home. As you think of big, long term goals, also chart out small goals that will lead to that big goal. As you complete these small goals, you will know you are making progress in the day which in turn is a positive re-inforcement. Smalls goals are not overwhelming and easier to tackle.

Manage Distractions

Create a designated work-space. Shut the door! Isolate yourself and distance from any distractions that you feel is getting in your way. You can take breaks periodically to attend to those at home. Maintain a Work-Life balance as you create physical boundaries and remind everyone at home to let you work. 

Earn Brownie-Points

Don’t be harsh on yourself, reward yourself once you have met goals you set for yourself.  Set aside some coffee and cookies, they serve as great treats to meet deadlines and completing tasks. 

Set Aside time for Social Media

Social Media can consume you completely specially with WhatsApp notifications and Facebook chats. Allocate time for checking your phone and mute all notifications once you have consumed all your time for social. 

Create a work familiar environment

Design your workspace at home with a few touches from your office workspace. Familiar workspace will determine familiar results. Whatever works for you – create a work effective space. 

Effective Time Management

Effective time management is essential if you want to continue hitting your deadlines when you’re working from home.  Create a time-table for the day and switch tasks to ensure you remain interested in structuring your day to stay focused.  

Act like you are working

Avoid wearing clothes for home to set the right mental tone. Commute to your remote workplace. Get a 10-minute walk to ensure you are getting the right energy that is required to kickstart your day. 

While working from home and assessing your short-term goals, always remember the wider career goals and purpose you are striving to achieve. Keeping those in mind will motivate you to do your best work irrespective of the location you are in. 

Working from home is certain to free up some of your time to plan a session on managing your stress and gearing up for a productive time once you return back to your offices. 

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