How brain training helps kids?

We are currently undergoing a health crisis with much unreliability. Distressed parents everywhere are ensuring they are raising healthy, happy and sharp kids amid a global pandemic. However increased screen time, restricted movement outdoors and e-learning can take a toll on children’s academic, behavioral, and cognitive skills. 


Different kids react differently to the same situation and it has got a lot to do with the ‘wiring’ in their brain. Hence you will see some kids can solve a math equation instantly while some take very long to calculate. As parents of more than one kid you will witness these differences between your children.  The development of children’s cognitive abilities is crucial to excel academics and mental agility. 


Brain functions and your kid’s ability to excel

The ability to plan, manage time and remember details are brain functions that strongly influence your child’s ability to excel. Strengthened brain functions will result in great results academically and bring your child in a better position to get to grips with life’s challenges. 


Can brain functions be improved?

Yes, brain functions can be improved based on practice and brain training. The difficulties that your child faces based on delays or differences in brain functions can be developed to lead a more accomplished life in the long run. Brain training helps strengthen mental muscles and enhance cognitive development of the brain. With the right stimulation the brain forms new neural pathways, alters existing connections, and adapts and reacts in different ways.


How does brain training help?

Kids undergoing brain training exercises show excellent results in increased attention as they learn and remember more. Kids also become more receptive to process information quickly and retain it. Another way in which brain training helps is kids are able to be more cognitively flexible. This means they are able to shift between tasks and places more efficiently. 


What kids benefit from Brain Training?

All kids benefit from training the brain muscles. Especially the ones suffering from low memory, having trouble with the right brain function or are diagnosed with ADHD, learning and language disorders benefit the most. For eg: kids with language disorder work on their reading plus general language improvement skills. Higher level of activity in that part of the brain helps deal with the problem. 


Brain Training exercises and games

There are a lot of games, exercises and mental activities for children to sharpen their mind and boost their mental performance. Some of the quick and easy ones are playing Scrabble, building a new Lego and other puzzles, and building games. Children can try easy exercises like wiggling their toes and switching to wiggling only their two big toes, working with the non-dominant hand or touching the right elbow to left knee and reversing it after 5 times. 

At Evolve Brain Training we take care of all your kid’s attention, perception, memory, brain function and co-ordination needs. Our experts specialize in brain training and will handle everything starting from initial consultation to final assessment. For more information on brain training in Dubai, drop your contact details and we will call you shortly! 

Dr. Upasana Gala is the founder and CEO of Evolve Brain Training, a Neurofeedback-centered institute that focuses on using non-invasive brain training techniques to maximize the brain's true potential.

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