Back to school parenting tips for ADHD kids

Come September and everyone is talking about going back-to-school. It’s not just kids and teachers but parents as well gear up for a rigorous schedule after a 2 months long hiatus. Kids at this time find it difficult to get back to a routine. It is ideally recommended that parents start early with introducing the schedule and the idle time to do so could be one to two weeks before school opens. Parents can also use this as a great annual ritual to sit and have conversations with their kids on what to expect year on year. Parents must also have a conversation with all the other important people in the child’s life to make sure all are on the same page. 

Parents with kids who have attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) symptoms are more anxious and need to extra steps in order to make the child feel more relaxed and comfortable with school and it routine

Ask for help

Parents do not have to wait until the first day of school to ask for help. Schools are open to address any concerns a parent or child might have including any need that has to be given additional care and attention. 

Communicate with your child

Keep checking in with your child periodically to understand if they might also have low self-esteem, in addition to symptoms of ADHD. It is very important for the kid to be confident about himself rather than adhering to academic and behavioral standards. 

Keep a check on his / her friends

It is very essential to keep checking with your kid on who he has been able to develop constructive friendships with. Help him identify his friends and look for clues about personalities that will complement his own. 

Set goals for the year

It is essential for you as a parent to set some reasonable goals for the school year and it will give the kid a clear indication of what to expect in the coming year. Each family has a different routine and also different views about what is important. 

Set up a schedule

As the days at school progress it is important to access what to expect for homework and work out a schedule with you kids daily activities. Decide if your child will have free time before homework. Agree to a time and schedule to complete all activities as designated.  If your kid has too much homework you may want to schedule some brief breaks in between subjects.

Do not forget fun time

Play time is very essential for your kid and specially in this day and age of working and running a household it can get challenging. Play their favourite game, read a story, play outdoors. Just taking this time out will immensely help in strengthening the bond with your child.  

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